essay about lgbt discrimination

Said to his people: 'Do ye approach an abominable sin while ye can see? The sin of the city of Sodom was the originally considered to be the violation of the rights of Lot's guests. The King James Version King James I, who commissioned the King James Version translation, was undoubtedly homosexual. However, a close reading reveals the name to be a bit of a misnomer. Back issues, pink Ink 201718, the QF's High School Seniors English Essay Contest.

An out of context interpretation of these passages has been used as justification for persecution of homosexuals, ranging from ridicule, exclusion, and attempts to alter behavior, to imprisonment and even execution. This was not limited to heterosexual love, but was a more universal concept, transcending gender. However, the Talmud ( Tractate Sanhedrin ) states that a king may have no more than eighteen wives.

They came under the shadow of my roof.' The rest of the story is well-known: divine wrath ensues, the mob is blinded, the cities of the plain are destroyed by fire and brimstone while Lot and his family flee, Lot's wife is turned. Learn more about the programs created and coordinated by Freedom for All Americans: Learn More Freedom for All Americans is on Facebook! In Genesis 16 Sarah, Abraham's wife, encourages Abraham to impregnate her handmaid, Hagar, because she is barren (although Sarah miraculously later gives birth to Isaac).

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This passage also has mystical overtones which literalists are apt to completely miss or ignore. When Sikhandin comes of age, a marriage is arranged with an unnamed daughter of King Hiranyavarman, of the Dasrnakas. The special contents of this page are copyright 2004,.B. This elegy, 2 Samuel 1:18-27. One wonders about Paul's condemnation of vegetarians. In general, society has changed the definition of marriage widely, and religion has followed by sanctioning. The two women are married, ".and the former soon came to know that that latter was a women like herself." The daughter of King Hiranyavarman sends word back to her father about the deception, and he proclaims war as a result: "Thou hadst, from folly.