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can act as a tool to enhance imagination and devices used in our poetry. In addition, the abundance of many other organisms. The poets appeal to our imagination may be his ability to execute certain emphasis that makes the words stand out from everyday speech. Nature superior to humanity, nature subordinate to humanity, nature and humanity equals. Dickinson describes how the snake "closes at your feet and opens further on" and "Unbraiding in the sun." This description of the snake untangling itself in the sun gives us the feeling of movement in a warm setting and how the sun contracts with the. Many poets are inspired by the impressive persona that exists in nature to influence their style of poetry. For example, the poem Daffodils No More, written by the contemporary ecopoet Gordon.L.

Man and nature separate but coexistent. FOR only.38.9/page, hire Writer, man apart from nature, man in conflict with nature. The use of Onomatopoeia throughout the poem allocates descriptive words through each sentence that elaborately enhances the effect of poem. This work is a serious parody of an earlier poem Daffodils written by the English poet William Wordsworth in 1804.

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Pause Lets not forget the main characteristics that nature offers like its visual and harmonious features as well as its auditory features. Most modern poets who write about nature are knowledgeable about. While nature is always present in Frosts writing, it is primarily used in a pastoral sense (Lynen 1). Pause Like Pleasant Sounds Clares poem Autumn also gives way to visual imagery in light of the poems descriptive attitude. The types of relationships that human beings have with nature can be sorted out, though these categories often overlap in actual literature because our relationship with nature, like all human relationships, is complex and multi-faceted. Clares interpretation of the poem is not just about sound but is also about his love for nature and the love that he has for the animals. Frost uses nature as an image that he wants us to see or a metaphor that he wants us to relate to on a psychological level. Gerber states, For nature is hard as she is soft, she can destroy and thwart, disappoint, frustrate, and batter (132). Most assume that Frost is a nature lover; however, while this is true in part, Frost also views nature as having the capability of being destructive. I believe Wordsworths motivation in this poem is to let us know that the powers of nature is magical and extremely great.