monogamy thesis

: Polygon, 2005, 7-9.

2005 (Emory University, Department of Economics, Working Papers, 05-28, September 2005 - revised December 2005). He seems to concede the goodness of God's creation of man and woman (which forms the basis for subsequent biblical teaching on marriage and sexuality then claims that in the current state of things homosexual desire is natural, and therefore good, for homosexuals. Rowlingin Harry Potter -suosikkikirjassa Jyväskylä 2001 (MA Thesis Pro Gradu Thesis, Jyväskylän yliopisto, Finland).

Jordan, Timothy: "Security in the social: Gardens and Harry Potter." In: Simon Carter, Timothy Jordan, Sophie Watson (eds. Lund: Sekel, 2011 (PhD Thesis, Lunds Universitet/Sweden). Baumard, Maryline: "Did you read 'Harry Potter'?" In: Monde de l'éducation 317 (2003. But multiple marriage can't be registered and officially recognised by Russian authorities because Family Code of Russia (section 14 and others) prohibits registration of marriage if one of person is in another registered marriage in Russia or another country. Les raisons d'un succès.