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a learned skill if you practice it enough you wont even realize you using. The idea of a race in far from a myth, its embedded in our culture, it is part of our everyday lives. Prior to the Civil War African Americans were excluded from everything that could help you advance in life and become wealthy. Symbolic interaction shows that were not born to a race, and ethic group where we lean beliefs, values; we learn to perceive them negatively or positively. Considered this writing was published in 185355, his Essay was read and publicized by a lot of different writers, and Americans of this time admired Gobineau, so in this respect they would agree with his methodology that the civilizations were established by the three major races: white. Social scientists have developed several theories to explain prejudice; there are two types of theories, Scapegoat, and the Authoritarian Personality.

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Prejudice can be defined as a prejudging of some sort, discrimination on the other hand can be defined as an action, and unfair treatment directed against someone on basis of their age, sex, height, origin, marital status, education, income, religion, etc, but when its due. We will write a custom essay sample. Why are people prejudices? He states that we need to provide more jobs for the people in the inner cities; with more jobs theres more hope in inner cities and an anchor to a responsible life. In what respects is the essay you are writing about legitimately scientific in its methodology? William Julius Wilson, a sociologist, argues that social class has become important that race is determine the life chances of African Americans. As people spread across the world.