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"Destruction of the California Indians". The majority of the ranch hands were paid with room and board, rough clothing, rough housing and no salary. When it comes to finding a orchestra essay job, probably not so much, but when it comes to obtaining superb clinical experience along with solid faculty, excellent academics, and a top rate student body - then yes, the PA school you attend does matter. Monterey County Historical Society. About 150 Californios who were worried about possible punishment from the Americans for not keeping their non-aggression promises rounded up about 300 horses and retreated into Sonora, Mexico over the Yuma Crossing Gila River trail. The convention chose the boundaries for the stateunlike most other territories, whose boundaries were set by Congress (Article XII). More The Armando. (1922 San Juan Capistrano Mission,. 36 The British Pacific Station 's squadron of ships off California were stronger in ships, guns, and men than the American ships. Another potential colonial power already established in the Pacific was Russia, whose Maritime Fur Trade of mostly sea otter and fur seals was pressing down from Alaska to the Pacific Northwest 's lower reaches. Those who took the California Trail usually left Missouri River towns in early April and arrived in California 150170 days laterlate August or early September. Winter wheat planted in the fall and harvested in the spring was one early crop that grew well without irrigation.