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of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts and hangs outside of the door. MasonicInfo Note: But so many others tell us that it's the 33rd Degree! Which is as it should." Heinlein 1959:63, emphasis and ellipses in original Notice the salient points of Zim's response: While surprised that the recruit doesn't know the answer at this stage in his training, he does not discourage the recruit from asking questions. Third, there is no indication anywhere that women are not allowed to be members of combat units. This structure arose ad hoc after the collapse of the 20th century western democracies, brought on by both social failures at home and defeat by the Chinese Hegemony overseas. Fredericksburg is also the location of the "House of the Rising Sun a masonic meeting place for such notables as founding fathers George Washington and Benjamin Franklin (of Hell-Fire Club fame) and George Mason. It is, however, contradictory and confusing in places.

This is extremely germane symbolism. They did not have to - and would not want to - enforce their will through terror. Others (usually defenders of the book) argue that Federal Service is a broader concept, and that it includes what is traditionally known as the Civil Service in addition to the military.

Masonic assassins are known in the code of the lodge as the "unworthy craftsmen." Because Masonry is obsessed with earth-as-gameboard (tessellation) and the ancillary alignments necessary to facilitate the "game it is inordinately concerned with railroads and railroad personnel to the extent that outside. Heinlein 1959:155-157 We don't know how many of the women there are officers, of course, nor what the split is between Army and Navy personnel, nor whether the population is representative of the military as a whole. Did Freemasons cause the assassination of JFK? Heinlein 1959:203 Given that the Federation military as a whole seems to have no problems with women in combat, and that we have only seen a small part of the Army, I would argue that it is very clear that the Terran Federation. It is no different in theory than the process by which a foreign national becomes a naturalized American citizen, and in practice is much less restricted. MasonicInfo Note: MY dictionary shows Ley as a variant of Lea which is a grassland or meadow (from the Middle English leie, from Old English leah).

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