short essay on threats to biodiversity

and other water contaminants making it difficult for fish and sea birds to thrive in our rivers, lakes and oceans. To effectively communicate the challenges posed by invasive alien species there is a need an essay about my school life to develop a methodology for integrating information quantifying the threat and its impacts on biodiversity into a coherent indicator. Climate change, carbon emissions, deforestation and other land use changes due to human activities. There is greater terrestrial biodiversity near the equator and this is caused due to warm climate and high primary productivity. How has Biodiversity Declined? However, with the growing air, water and land pollution on our planet it is becoming difficult to maintain biodiversity. Several species of plants and animals have become extinct in the recent past due to the environmental changes brought about by man and many are estimated to go extinct in the coming time. Human beings seem to have grown so accustomed to using the technology that they have overlooked the importance of conserving the natural surroundings. Massive destruction of forest land: humans cutting down precious forests for agriculture, fuel or to build houses.

The richer the biodiversity the more balanced and harmonious would the environment. But many are not able to cope, causing them to die out. Of the 150 species that have recently arrived in the Great Lakes, 75 originated from the Baltic Sea. Excessive release of greenhouse gases and the resultant global warming and climate are real threats to biodiversity.

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The average person can do a number of things to femtosecond fiber laser thesis fight atmospheric and hydrologic pollution, such as recycling, conserving energy at home and using public transportation. Biodiversity offers a unified view of all these biological varieties. Several new inventions have proven to be hazardous to the environment and are having a negative impact on biodiversity. Epidemics (viruses, fungi) have also been observed. Excess of heavy metals (industry, roads manure and pesticides (agriculture) and other pollutants. Why is Biodiversity Important?

8, 9, 10, 11 and. Find long and short essay on Biodiversity for Children an d Students. The growing imbalance can cause a threat to the mankind as well. As you learn about the current threats to biodiversity, resist the temptation to c onclude that humans are simply foolish or short-sighted or greedy, and instead. The third focal area of the 2010 framework concerns the five major threats to biod iversity: invasive alien species, climate change, nutrient loading and pollution.