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take. Decisions may, therefore, be delayed. Depending on the situation as reflected by these three forces, leaders adopt a style varying between these two extremes. Followers obey the instructions because of their position and not influential power. Both management and employees look forward to satisfy each others needs and both the needs are satisfied to a substantial extent. For example, people are generally elected as politicians on the basis of personal traits like intelligence, self- confidence and self-assurance. Pervasive function: Leadership is not related to business organisations only. Hersey (2001) describes this leadership style as delegating.

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Maturity level of employees,. Jeanne needed to adjust her leadership style to include more participation and multi-directional communication (relationship behavior but running between floors and changing hats all the time did not leave her enough time thus she insisted that her replacement in merchandising be appointed in order. Style 2 or S2 Typified by high levels of both, task and relationship behaviors, this style should be used in individuals on the second level of readiness. Effective leaders help them to achieve personal goals along with organisational goals. The motivational forces of participation and involvement of workers in the decision-making processes satisfy higher-order needs of the employees.

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