aboriginal education in canada essay

was a mechanism that strengthened the eviction of Indians ad also a means of displacing Indians from their tribal lands. In the late 1700s the government position was assimilation or annihilation. Other archeological evidence reveals the following characteristics of the Aboriginal culture: ceremonial architecture, permanent settlement, agriculture and complex social hierarchy. Aboriginal Education of the early 1800s was typified by an ineffective range of institutions like the Native Institution in Parramatta, that provided informal training echoing the needs of white colonists show more content, consequently Aboriginal student enrolments increased further and many schools became segregated (A. An announcement by South Australian Education Minister Colin Barnett in 1999, said that the Government will be establishing an Aboriginal-managed school in the Northern Suburbs. Community Problems, lack of Awareness on the disease and its effects on the lives of Aboriginals are the leading causes of the high rate of disease amongst Aboriginals. In general, Canadian citizens gained through improved living conditionscitation Not94 p 78 l 1033 (Notzke 78). Aboriginal people are now simply trying to preserve and re-obtain the peaces of there heritage and culture which they still may be able. In 1883 the Aboriginal Protection Board (APB) was established consisting of charity bodies, members of the government, police and legal fields.

There was a substantial increase in slavery due to increased crop production and introduction of slave states occupied by aboriginals. This in return improved Canada economy as it gave Canadian settlers access to southern lams that were rich in cotton. This resulted in an increased rate of unemployment amongst the Aboriginals. The pattern of black-white relations began, set in superior-inferior power position that remains today(Lipmann 1994:6).

It can be estimated that less than half of Canadas aboriginal people live on reserves. Canada was able to pay back its debts to its global partners through the improved efficiencies in cotton production and transportation for the large country. Aboriginal Education has been typified by policies of cultural suppression, the creation of servants to white people and promulgation of the belief in European racial superiority. Since most of the tribes occupying that area were the Indians, the Canadian settlers petitioned the Canadian government to remove them as they perceived them as an obstacle to expansion towards the west. Healthcare, the arrival of the European settlers into Canada brought several foreign diseases that had a devastating effect on the Aboriginal people. 20 of the Bringing Them Home Inquiry witnesses who spent time in such institutions reported physical assault having occurred education (A NSW Aboriginal Education Timeline:11). The Canadian native aboriginals are the original indigenous settlers of North Canada in Canada.

Employment, the white settlement into the natives lands resulted in the Aboriginals having a feeling of distrust and hate towards the white settlers. In addition, it also boosted Canada and global economy as it accelerated the industrial revolution. The aboriginal people of Canada make.3 percent of the total country population. Citation Asc11 p 22 l 1033 ( Asch 22) This was violation of human rights. The Indian Act led to a huge conflict of interest following its effect on the Indians living in Canada during its implementation. This act spelt the end of aboriginal rights to live in Canada under their own traditional laws. We will write a custom essay sample. A study has shown that 37 of Aboriginal students are regularly truant and 8 are not even enrolled in any school.