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are! The British Psychological Society recently said experts warned that youngsters are finding it increasingly difficult to cope with images permeating from a celebrity culture in which thin bodies are celebrated, larger ones are ridiculed and children are sexualised. C they have helped organize relief funds and benefit concerts for the families who lost their loved ones. These might not be of good quality. They went to the scenes and helped out by passing out food and water. A majority of these stars doing charity work is a publicity stunt, do not get me wrong there are true causes that celebrities take heart to but most are stunts. Let me give you few examples: in fashion magazines, actresses would advice you about all the worldly products that they seem to be using.

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This essay will also discuss the impact this has on us and will debate the luscious lives of celebrities or, some may argue, the cruel, callous life of a celebrity. So they should absolutly be role models. Thats why, I find their lifestyles advises 90 fake and avoid reading the holy lessons they give. Report Post, no Way Jose'. If you think about I would rather have todays youth by clothing and cds then other things. Works Cited and references (2001, March) Music the anti- drug! What happens though when the realization sinks in that they are human too and that some of them do get greedy and selfish. For example, Albert Einstein was not good at math when he was young. Teach them just because someone else does something that does not meant they are required to do that as well. Anyways why would you? Stars should make it a goal to refrain from using drugs and drinking excessive amounts of booze because it sends a message to fans that a life of drugs and alcohol is a satisfactory way to live.

Debate: Are celebrities worthy role models or bad influence?

essay celebrities should not role models