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of Independent India, in his special message to his countrymen, on the birth of the Indian Republic, said: We must re-dedicate ourselves on this day to the peaceful but sure realization female genital mutilations thesis of the dream that had inspired the Father. Rajendra Prasad, he was born on December 3, 1884 in Ziradei. About Dr Rajendra Prasad In Hindi. He was retired as the President of the Republic of India in 1962. He became a victim of Child Marriage and was married to Rajavanshi Devi in 1896, when he was just.

Rajendra Prasad converted the Rashtrapati Bhavan into an Indian home by transforming many things. Rajendra Prasad for Students, Kids and Children. Rajendra Prasad to the country cannot be stated in words. Owing to his talent and his sharp mind, once an examiner made a comment on his answer sheet. Dr Rajendra Prasad Books /. In 1906, he joined the High Court of Bihar and Orissa and was appointed as one of the members of Senate and Syndicate of the Patna University later in 1917. The contribution. But, on 28 February 1963, the nation bid adieu to this eminent and bright personality as he left the people in grief for his heavenly abode. Advertisements: Rajendra Prasad also played a crucial role in the Indian Freedom Struggle. You are not allowed to copy this essay for your personal website or commercial purpose. Dr Rajendra Prasad Awards : Dr Rajendra Prasad Death : : Note : About Dr Rajendra Prasad Information Life History Of Dr Rajendra Prasad In Hindi Language Facebook Whatsapp Share Note: E-mail Subscription Essay On Short Biography Of Dr Rajendra Prasad In Hindi For Students. He met Mahatma Gandhi at the Lucknow Pact in 1996 and joined him in his movements such as the fact-finding missions in Cahmparan and the Non-Cooperation movement.