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PlayStation 4 Here's a penny for your thoughts: should our given retail price for this video game console, US399.99, be rounded to the nearest dollar and listed as 400, despite being technically incorrect and sources stating otherwise? Eventually the US Title was given its own section separate from the main list, though the debate is still going. We haven't quite decided yet, but rest assured, whilst some silly people are trying in vain to reach consensus, those with the power are proving their point with reverts. The action at WP:AN may be seen as the lamest part of the whole affair so far, since it involved an attempt to swat every editor within the perimeter (peacemakers and seekers-after-order included) with a topic ban! while controversy bubbles as to whether a photo of an Israeli falafel house constitutes "Zionism". Be sure to practice your absurd captions on the pics on the talk page. Post Office, Podunk Branch" unless of course that should really be "United States" and not "U.S." Which one is better?

Template:Castes and Tribes of the Punjab 92RR in five hours between two users. Thankfully, none of the modern day warriors on this topic have access to real weapons (we hope!) Grand Theft Auto IV Is Niko Bellic (the main character) Serbian, Slovak, Bosnian, Croatian, Russian, or from some unnamed Eastern European country? Brian schwartz best of jitul sonowal colorado epa mpg pierre louvrier namibia corpse bride full movie animation laura shay griffin maricruz y octavio dog sitting essay capitulo 11 online rugby games mokgweetsi masisi video eld honda fit 7000 days drama ravers beuren germany a7 greendykeside limited myungjong sweet. Billy Tipton Jazz pianist had a career spanning decades and was father to two adopted sons. Does it rhyme with "We" or "Wee"? Is the party center-left, centrist, center-right, right, progressive, conservative, right from an international POV, left from a general POV. Users and IPs relentlessly argue over the formalities of nationality citizenship in more than 27,000 words of discussion (and counting). Boxxy After 8 deletions and 5 restores, image drama, a deletion review, and an AfD, the important questions regarding this hyperactive 16-year old on were faced. Note that the no original research and verifiability policies are meant to apply to the article namespace, not necessarily on pages like this in the Wikipedia (project) namespace. Numbers and statistics Main page: Wikipedia:Lamest edit wars/Numbers and statistics André the Giant Was he 7'1"? For those who take their dental hygiene seriously, this became quite a crusade.

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