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of education. Not all the effects of radio listening are positive. Doctoral thesis, Durham University. Though people listen to radio more in the most traditional and isolated village, they find it difficult to make full use of the new ideas. The most modernized community nearest to the town has many other diversions and other means of gaining information, so that radio is less important there. Radio hamlet essay assignment also helps villagers more directly with advice and special educational programmes to adopt new techniques at home and new agricultural methods. Deposited On: 14:14, social bookmarking). The three villages under study are situated in different geographical settings and achieved different levels of modernization.

The influence of radio broadcasting on rural development.
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Broadcast radio has the unique characteristics of being simultaneously.

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Item Type: Thesis (Doctoral award: Doctor of Philosophy. To keep their position and remain the best informed, they must listen to the radio even more regularly than other villagers. Advertisements arouse desires for goods which the people cannot afford and in the absence of any consumer movement there is no impartial advice available on the quality of the goods advertised. The effect of radio is most significant in the middle community, still traditional, but with reasonable communications with the outside world. Radio influences all aspects of life.

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