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the mother and the unborn child. So we come to the biggest objection to natural law. . Of course, it is absurd to argue that because I want to do something good like help an old lady across the road it is not as morally pure as if I dont want to do it but screw up my will and. The issue of womens sexual and reproductive rights. . Is the foetus a person? One person is facing a lifetime of dependence or the choice of adoption with all its emotional heartache.

Click here for the current state of UK law on abortion. An embryo is defined as biological human life from 14 days to eight weeks. Start writing your autobiography by conducting research on your own life.

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What might be the philosophical (rather than emotional) reasons for so doing? Rousseau inspired Kant to pursue the idea of the autonomous rational agent free from the impositions of the Church, free to choose the moral way by virtue of the exercise of pure reason, and able to universalise his judgements. . Her argument also illustrates how the law is framed in the. . The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and arguably, lousy philosophy. He reminds us that there is another way, and in so doing gives us a way forward to tackle complex moral issues whilst retaining our own dignity as moral agents not in thrall to anyone, as well as the dignity and interest of others. At some point in the abortion debate we need to come to a decision about. Antony Kenny sums up Aquinas view this way: It is a natural law, inborn in all rational creatures in the form of a natural tendency to pursue the behaviours and goals appropriate to them. The feelings of the father, the grandmother, or even the implications for society generally are not considered. For example, pleasure producing bonding between two people, as well as potential for reproduction? We really are free from the Church, our grandma, the Sun newspaper or any other external authority which might arise. . We might note in passing that Aquinas believed the soul arrived after 40 days for the male and 90 days for the female!