trip to the zoo with preschoolers essay

full round of it and enjoyed ourselves a lot. There we saw a huge lake in which different types of water-birds were swimming. The birds are too equally interesting. My father agreed and we got down at Lucknow. Many people had already come to see the animals and birds.

A zoo is a place which children specially.
Zoo is a place where we can see different animals and birds at one place.
It has g reat attraction particularly for the children.
A visit to a zoo gives us both.

The Zebras were also catching attention. In the last we came to the water-bird enclosure. It was full of crocodiles.

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We went up several steps to purchase the tickets. Their enchanting music delighted us much. People were buying entrance tickets. Now it was time to leave the zoo. They twittered, chirped and whistled. Last of all we saw different kinds of monkeys. I learnt many important things about the wild life.

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