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located in South Asia. Types of Erosion Erosion: the process of wearing something away. Open the June 2012 Resource Booklet (same for both Higher Foundation) and scroll to page 8-9. With a few weeks left until the end of year examinations, you will find a bank of revision resources here that will help you to prepare for the big one! Meanders: A meander is simply a bend in the river.

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Navis offers the tools and personnel necessary to meet the requirements of a new, and ever-evolving, global supply chain. Industry in medc's. V-shaped Valley and Interlocking Spurs V-shaped valleys are found in a river's upper course where vertical erosion is dominant. The river will often finally connect the two meanders during a flood event when the river is more e current then shifts to the centre of the river (and does not travel around the old meander) causing deposition on the outside of the river channel. Ordnance Survey ) Map Extract - See photos below. The river will erode (cut) downwards while the sides are weathered (attacked by the weather.g. Inside you'll find my hand-picked tutorials, books, courses, and libraries to help you master CV and DL! Levees: Levees can be natural or man-made.