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the Vatican itself. The curtain of building statues of elephants on forts and palace gates can be well judged by examining the palaces at Gwalior, Udaipur and Kota. The one in the foreground is the eastern one. White silver foil shrouds the stone. Inquiries with archaeologists in Delhi drew a blank They have never seen these footprints, which indicates that they are heir to a lot of non-information and mis-information. Had Akbar erected that township its gate should not have had that Hindu design. Photo # 54 : This building at Aurangabad in the Deccan was built by a Hindu Raja who was impressed by the Tajo-Mahalaya in Agra when he visited it on pilgrimage in pre-Muslim times. Such imperial Mogul vandalism lies hidden from the public. This is a very enchanting and engrossing task that faces all those who are interested in rewriting Indian history after a millennium of Islam distortion and destruction. The term signifies The Strength of Islam in capturing and battering a Hindu temple and blatantly using it as a mosque. This signifies their authenticity and that they were the property of that institution.

Stories of Allauddin, or Aladdin, and His Lamp come from ancient Vedic India, although many give credit to Arabia. The towers at the four plinth corners served as watch towers during the day, and to hold lights at night. Muslims were the destroyers of statues. Both these arguments are wrong. It depicts Shajahan receiving the Persian ambassador inside the fort in 1628, the very year of Shahjahans accession. Photo # 34 : A close up of the elephant and rider door knob in the Khas Mahal of the Red Fort in Delhi. The niches above had paintings of Hindu idols, obviously rubbed off by Muslim desecraters. Photo # 17 : One of the 22 rooms in the secret storey underneath the marble plinth of the Taj Mahal. Photo # 77 : This image from pre-Islamic Saudi Arabia, displayed at the British Museum, shows goddess Sarasvati riding a swan carrier. Photo # 50 : An apartment of city palace, Kota, a Hindu capital. The arch at the bottom may be seen to be made of banana bunches. That is a myth because there is no grave there.

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