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Indigenous mental health, as well as challenging the status quo of historical methods and narratives. Joshua De Leon, This Brown Body is a Vessel, Arts Institute, advised by Michele Elam (English Solmaz Sharif (English and Whitney Lynn (HIA). Professor David Cohen writes that, Her motivation arises from commitment to the underlying issues and a commitment to do justice to their complexity and importance. . Humanities: Alex essay on driving in the dark Torres, The Blakean Imagination in Nineteenth-Century America: Emerson, Whitman, Dickinson, English, advised by Denise Gigante (English) and Ramn Saldvar (English). Marly Carlisle, We Do The Best We Can: Implementation of the McKinney-Vento Act by San Francisco Unified Social Workers, Education, advised by Jelena Obradovic (Graduate School of Education). He is a research assistant for. Quyen Nguyen, Danh V: Ghost Work, Art and Art History, advised by Alexander Nemerov (Art Art History). As a freshman, Matthew had the privilege of participating in the first ever Indigenous Digital Storytelling Project. In addition to his outstanding achievements, Professors Shelley Fisher Fishkin, Scott Bukatman, and Marci Kwon, along with Lecturers Judith Richardson and Elizabeth Kessler, commend Carlos for his rare gift of being able to extend his astute insights into film beyond the classroom to his fellow. Eileen Williams, Interhemispheric Amygdala Connectivity Across Puberty and its Relation to Depressive Symptomatology, Psychology, advised by Ian Gotlib (Psychology). Professor Ami Bhatt commends Jason for being extremely talented, highly motivated and for having an unparalleled innovative spirit.

Golden, Firestone, and Kennedy Thesis Awards Stanford Undergrad

thesis awards stanford

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National academic competitions, a presentation or publication for a regional or national audience. In his junior year, and with the support of Professor Alexander Nemerov and Jason Linetzky, he curated and wrote the wall-texts for Abstraction and the Movies, an exhibition at the Anderson Collection which paired up films with paintings by Abstract Expressionist artists; slated to run. Melissa Eidman, Still Reservations: Identifying Contributors to Health on hamlet essay assignment the Yurok Reservation, Human Biology, advised by Donald Barr (General Pediatrics Gabriel Garcia (Gastroenterology and Hepatology and Sawar Young-Tripp (California Rural Indian Health Board). Professor Tanya Luhrmann calls Maya, not just an excellent student, but a student who has become someone who actively engages in the world and has become someone intellectually trained to think deeply and wisely about that engagement. On campus, Kristin is the director and founder of the Kids with Dreams writing program, which is publishing a book of art and writing by youth impacted by disabilities. At Stanford, Isabelle is also interested in connecting and empowering students. Professor Rosenberg writes that PhD students, post docs, and we ourselves, learn from him all the time. Nature, and co-author of two other publications.

Awards and Graduation Honors Stanford Undergrad Students honored with Firestone and Golden 2017 Firestone and Golden medal, Kennedy Thesis Prize recipients