essays on the catcher in the rye symbolism

that, when girls tell him he is going too far with them, he always stops because he gets to feeling sorry for themthey tell him to stop, so he stops (Salinger, 1951,. Furthermore, sexuality is also a relevant issue that almost every teenager encounters during his or her teenage years, including Holden Caulfield. But Salinger means for us to look beneath the surface of Holdens quick description and see the horror and power of the situation: the impressionable youth of the teacher whom Holden describes as a pretty young guy, not much older than my brother.B.; the. A sustained study of the novel. Childrens, literature Review, 181, 33-45. Contains a helpful section on the body of critical literature on the novel. His aspiration to save children from falling off a cliff greatly represents his desire to save innocence. Nonetheless, he knows exactly that this dream will never come true, that time will pass and kids will grow up; it is just how the world operates.

Read whole essay sample and order similar papers from us for cheap. In The Catcher in the Rye,.D. Salinger perfectly captures a teenage. Essay Prompt: The Catcher in the Rye is one of the most c ontroversial texts taught in schools. It has been questioned as to its.

Holden Caulfield: Giving voice to generations. Holden is uncomfortable around his conceited, sex-obsessed classmates and even more ill at ease around adults; they are condescending and incapable of understanding him, so he always tells them what they want to hear. As you can see from our. Toward the end of chapter five in the novel, Holden breaks all the glass in the garage when his brother Allie perished due to the overwhelming anger and anxiety that slowly build up in his mind. Holden Caulfields interpretation of his teachers behavior is neither surprising nor unwarranted. Antolinis lengthy exchange with Holden underlines his urge to help young people he perceives as needy, depressed, or heading for a fall.