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aspects of both theory and criticism. The novel posits itself as a vibrant fiction driven by a convincing verisimilitude; it is in blurring the line between reality and fiction that the novel really takes form. We are never betrayed by reality. To references thematizing the internal organization of the text. These are the only two human realities we truly know, death and life, and when faced with the abyss of either path we only have language. Rather, all comments which address aspects of narration in a self-reflexive manner as well as the narrators references (.

Using Wolfs third criterion, contents value, one can differentiate between various forms of explicit metafiction depending on whether metafiction refers to the fictio or the fictum status of a passage, whether it contains comments on the entire text or only on parts of it, and. As a fiction about the origins. Berkeley: U of California. Metafictional authors directly address the audience and question how narrative conventions can filter reality. Introduction, the main aim of this paper is to discuss metafiction. John Barth offers perhaps the most simplified definition: metafiction is "a novel that imitates a novel rather show more content, metafiction is not the definitive mode of post-modernism, some would argue, and works that are metafictional are not always post-modern, as post-modern works are not. Crusoe, Coetzees, foe addresses the problematic issues in, crusoe, in particular the absence of female characters and Fridays inefficacy to represent an independent personality, by exposing the silences in the original and giving them voice (James, 6). A dominant theme in post-modern fiction, the term "metafiction" has been defined by literary critics in multiple ways. Ästhetische Illusion und Illusionsdurchbrechung in der Erzählkunst: Theorie und Geschichte mit Schwerpunkt auf englischem illusionsstörenden Erzählen.

Some Other Writers of Metafiction. Bibliography on metafiction. Metafiction is still literature even if it tries to comment fully on its own status. A possible ground for. Metafiction is a narrative technique in which the author self-consciously calls attention to the work as a fiction through various devices.

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