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desire to acquire every victory, though the object of victory barely matters to her. tags: English Literature. It is also significant that Lolas family name once held influence, but was sullied in her parents divorce, leaving Lola vulnerable and with weaker social leverage in the old English hierarchy. Yet, she retrieves better: Briony reveals the content of the secret letter dedicated to Cecelia, her older sister. His mistake in sending the sexually explicit letter represents a classic Freudian moment when a repressed desire escapes into expression. This essay is 100 guaranteed. It should also point to her decision to become a nurse in London over attending Cambridge.

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Answer Key: Essays should be able to identify the purpose of the symbol and clearly state what it stands to represent. The transition marked the decline of status from traditional family ties and the increased focus on money as a means to attain a position of influence. Robbies experience of the British retreat to Dunkirkthe culmination of an early, disastrous campaign in Francereflects the futility of his relationship with Cecilia once the series of misunderstandings has been set in motion. This is significant because the partially deceitful elements tend to mold the readers judgment of what really happens. The inability to achieve atonement is demonstrated within the novel continuously highlights the element of guilt. Powerful Essays 1163 words (3.3 pages) - Urban Alienation in Ian McEwan's The Cement Garden It was not at all clear to me now why we had put her in the trunk in the first place.