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a syllabary would have separate symbols for "BA "BE "BI "BO and "BU" (and sometimes "BY. Fido - "fido or an animal, interacts similarly with wigo at the Object level. Hans Freudenthal constructed a mathematical pidgin language called Lincos (short for lingua cosmica ). However, if you try 29x19 you get an interesting image.

Making sticks of chalk in different colors is fairly easy, encouraging line color to be an important component of writing (.g., only one graphic symbol for all the vowels, but distinguished by the color the symbol is drawn in). Jon Brase puts it this way: The problem with SapirWorf is that it is simultaneously mindnumbingly obvious (a great part of what goes on inside our heads is verbal, and thus our language will affect every process of thought that relies on it for. I highly recommend it, it will repay careful study. It is great advice to switch from expensive cleaners to bleach, ammonia, etc.

Researchers are having enough problems trying to talk to porpoises, and they are from our own planet. They wanted something else, and she couldnt understand what. It uses English alphabetic symbols, but each has only one sound associated with it (as it should be). Ill dig into my references and see what more I can find on the Senoi, and also other ways of handling dreams. But as it turned out other aliens could handle it as well, thus becoming a de facto lingua franca. According to her, it was a funny message but awfully important looking. The runes are read left to right, top to bottom. More to the point, there are only two possible numbers for the row and column. The pen nib is generally cut from a reed, feather, or other tube-shaped object. Now just what did I say to you?' 'You saidNever mind. Basic (or Anglic Andre Norton's space operas Esperanto : Harry Harrison's novels. It's simplified to the uttermost.

But suppose there was a race that did not have a word for one or for stone? The work goes nowhere since there is nothing resembling a Rosetta stone. From THE rosetta stone.