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Keep you motivated and focused. Youve worked so hard, this isnt the time to rush. Its time to get this thing finished. The writing coach discusses the stages of a writing project, including an initial outline, preliminary research, a revised outline, more extensive research (and, if necessary, interviews another revised outline, and various drafts, followed by the editorial process (developmental or substantive editing, copyediting, and proofreading). A writer may consult with a writing coach for only a few hours in all, but even if this stage in the writing process takes longer, it is probably well worth the expense youre virtually guaranteed to benefit from the relationship, and to get that.

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But a writing coach relationship extends way beyond encouraging aspiring or veteran writers, holding them accountable or even teaching them about the craft of writing. Writing coaches are likely to charge writers more per hour for their services, but their role is ultimately less costly than that of a developmental editor or copy editor, or even a proofreader. Just when you think its down, another tentacle pops. During the writing coaching relationship, she will: Critique material youve already written and provide ongoing feedback on the growing pile of new pages or posts. Do you have a desire to write, but perhaps you find yourself frustrated by an inability to develop or organize your writing, or perhaps youre getting bogged down in the process?

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