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us so to consider of Him, as our heavenly Father, and our best Friend. The Old Familiar Faces (1789) remains his best-known poem, although On an Infant Dying As Soon As It Was Born (1828) is his finest poetic achievement. For that is the only true time, which a man can properly call his own, that which he has all to himself; the rest, though in some sense he may be said to live it, is other peoples time, not his. I have worked task work, and have the rest of the day to myself. Bought with his blood the marriage ring. D., to be absent from the body is sometimes (not to speak profanely) to be present with the Lord. Look upward, Feeble Ones! She is at present in a mad house, from whence I fear she must be moved to an hospital. Surely there must be some other world in which this unconquerable purpose shall be realized. Presents, I often say, endear absents. The remnant of my poor days, long or short, is at least multiplied for me three-fold.

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For his unruly "little sketches Lamb, like Montaigne, quarries his own experience, his circle of acquaintances and relatives thinly disguised beneath initials and pseudonyms, just like Elia himself. Things in books' clothing. Valentine's Day ; reported in Bartlett's Familiar"tions, 10th. Who first invented work, and bound the free And holiday-rejoicing spirit down. I am altogether for the life contemplative. Leicesters School, a collection of stories supposedly told by pupils of a school. God has preserved to me my senses, I eat and drink and sleep, and have my judgment I believe very sound. Fanny Kelly's divine plain face. Thou through such a mist dost show us, That our best friends do not know. No such inordinate difference and vast. Essays of Elia (1823 would have approved.

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