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effective to excrete sodium, reduce blood pressure. Each seed is covered by a membranous testa. Mesocarp is fleshy or fibrous. Sometimes, these fruitlets coalesce together appearing to be a single fruit but in many other cases, the fruitlets remain free from one another forming etaerio of fruitlets. In mango, mesocarp is juicy and edible. (iv) Balusta: It is a berry with an outer hard rind formed of epicarp and a part of mesocarp. So, banana is very good and effective fruits for diet.

Fruits like mangoes, jackfruits, leeches, apples, pomegranates, oranges, grapes, papaya, guavas, etc.
Are consumed with relish and pleasure.
They are available in different seasons of the year.

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The banana is also features magnesium compared with many other fruits. The placenta and inner layers of pericarp become pulpy and edible in which the seeds are scattered. Now a day many seedless grapes, oranges and water melones are being developed by horticulturists. Dry fruits like apricots, raisins and dates are storehouses of calcium and iron, essential for the strengthening of bones and maintaining good blood, respectively. Advertisements: (iii) Parthenocarpic fruits: These are seedless fruits that are formed without fertilization,.g., Banana. In case of Litchi pericarp is hard and leathery. Silicula: A short and flattened siliqua is called silicula. Regma of castor breaks up into three cocci as it is derived from tricarpellary ag california syncarpous pistil.

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