the personal is political carol hanisch essay

of the women's caucus of that organization, and out of her experience in the. (We all can think of things we were taught to think or do that we rejected once the forces that kept us thinking or doing them were removed.) It was consciousness-raising that led to the emergence of the Pro-Woman Line with its scientific explanation based. Perhaps certain groups may well be attempting to do therapy. Hanisch herself stressed that an interplay of action and theory, sometimes called praxis, is key to the development of good theory.

The Personal Is Political: the original feminist theory

the personal is political carol hanisch essay

It challenged the old anti-woman line that used spiritual, psychological, metaphysical, and pseudo-historical explanations for womens oppression with a real, materialist analysis for why women do what. Origin, hanisch was not the first to suggest that personal experiences are the result of social structures or inequality. It is at this point a political action to tell it like it is, to say what I really believe about my life instead of what Ive always been told to say. Maybe the answer is not to put down the method of analyzing from personal experiences in favor of immediate action, but to figure out what can be done to make it work.

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The memo was originally titled, Some Thoughts in Response to Dotties Thoughts on a Womens Liberation Movement, and was written in reply to a memo by another staff member, Dottie Zellner, who contended that consciousness-raising was just therapy and questioned whether the new essay celebrities should not role models independent WLM. Wright Mills published, the Sociological Imagination, in which he argued that individual experiences are inextricably connected with the greater social and historical context. The Feminine Mystique (1963 American author and feminist, betty Friedan referred to the problem that has no name, in which women felt constrained, unsatisfied, and unhappy in their roles as wives, mothers, and homemakers. (By materialist, I mean in the Marxist materialist (based in reality) sense, not in the desire for consumer goods sense.) Taking the position that women are messed over, not messed up took the focus off individual struggle and put it on group or class struggle. 7 Hanisch does not use the phrase "the personal is political" in the essay, but writes: One of the first things we discover in these groups is that personal problems are political problems. In 2006 Hanisch wrote about how the essay's original form came out of her experience of working in male-dominated civil rights, anti-Vietnam War and left (old and new) political groups. Women are messed over, not messed up! Women are sometimes smart not to struggle alone when they cant win and the repercussions are worse than the oppression.

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