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will initiate any kind of definite cure to cancer, but I believe in miracles. Terrance Stanley Fox was born on July 28, 1958 to parents Betty and Rolly Fox. Terry Fox was born in Canada in July 28, 1981. Even thought it was so difficult, there was not another thing in the world I would rather been doing. Doctors in Thunder Bay Confirmed that the cancer had come back hard and hit him in the lungs. Terry wrote asking for sponsorship I could not leave knowing that these faces and feelings would still be here even though I would be set free of mine, somewhere the hurting must stop and I was determined to take myself to the limit for these.

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With all his heroism, Terry Fox set a standard of excellence to how to critique the research paper all people across the nation. I got satisfaction out of doing things that were difficult. He never forgot what he saw and felt burdened to thoughts that died to run this marathon. APA, mLA, chicago, terry Fox: the spirit of canada. People thought I was going through hell. Around the age of 9 or 10, they began picking berries, then gradually worked up to other jobs, which allowed them to buy the golf clubs, bike or other things they wanted. He also said that he should be glad it happened now fore just 2 years ago the chance of living was fifteen percent. Terry also had a younger brother named Darrell, and a younger sister, Judith. For fifteen months of training and after running 3159 miles his stump was raw and bleeding. The people took on Terrys dream and took him seriously they cried as they seen him run. Fox had been hardworking in the marathon but he was unable to finish his run because the cancer had metastasized to his lungs and by the time he was forced to stop the run on september 1, 1980 he had run 5,373km. He took kinesiology at the Simon Fraser University, where he also played on the basketball team.

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