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million Poles were expelled ; 294 296 north-east Romania, 297 298 parts of eastern Finland, 299 and the three Baltic states were incorporated into the Soviet Union. Under Rommel 's command, by the end of April 1941, the Commonwealth army was pushed back to Egypt again. The Causes of the Second World War,.

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Stable URL: 2 Nuremberg Documents C-62/GB86, a directive from Hitler in October 1939 which concludes: "The attack on France is to be launched this Autumn if conditions are at all possible." Blitzkrieg: From the Rise of Hitler to the Fall of Dunkirk, L Deighton, Jonathan. 96 Many Japanese cities were destroyed by Allied bombings, and dark matter extended essay Japanese imports were cut off by American submarines. In the Soviet Union, both the Germans and the Soviets spent the spring and early summer of 1943 preparing for large offensives in central Russia. Stalin's Wars: From World War to Cold War. Roughly 7,500,000 German civilians were also rendered homeless (see dehousing ). German successes in Europe encouraged Japan to increase pressure on European governments in Southeast Asia. Japanese military victories did not bring about the collapse of Chinese resistance that Japan had hoped to achieve; instead the Chinese government relocated inland to Chongqing and continued the war. Encyclopedia of World War II: a political, social and military history, ABC-clio, p 1613. Japan's next plan, motivated by the earlier Doolittle Raid, was to seize Midway Atoll and lure American carriers into battle to be eliminated; as a diversion, Japan would also send forces to occupy the Aleutian Islands in Alaska. What Hitler Knew: The Battle for Information in Nazi Foreign Policy. Thirteen B-24 Liberator heavy bombers under the command of Col.