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to response latency. In addition, I have described the experiences and lessons learned from the deployment of these technologies in the form of the libwww-perl client library, the Apache http Server Project, and other implementations of the protocol standards. The disadvantage, of course, is that remote authoring of a resource is not as straightforward as remote authoring of a file. In general, however, any Turing-complete language allows writing of its own interpreter. In order to better understand the reasons for this discrepancy, we need to evaluate Java in terms of its characteristics as a representation media type within rest. Putting this all together cohesively within one chapter can be particularly challenging. Examples include: placement of embedded metadata within the head of a document, resulting in optional information needing to be transferred and processed before the rendering engine can read the parts that display something useful to the user 93 ; embedded images without rendering size hints. 6.2.5 rest Mismatches in URI Like most real-world systems, not all components of the deployed Web architecture obey every constraint present in its architectural design. However, by violating rest's constraints, these systems also cause shared caching to become ineffective, reduce server scalability, and result in undesirable effects when a user shares those references with others. An important design dimension in the implementation of a self-interpreter is whether a feature of the interpreted language is implemented with the same feature in the interpreter's host language. While interpretation and compilation are the two main means by which programming languages are implemented, they are not mutually exclusive, as most interpreting systems also perform some translation work, just like compilers.

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Levy, The Structure and Performance of Interpreters Terence Parr, Johannes Luber, The Difference Between Compilers and Interpreters K├╝hnel, Claus (1987) 1986. But this can be a challenge. In this case, when a user agent requests a negotiated resource, the server responds with a list of the available representations. What distinguishes http from RPC isn't the syntax. The semantics are expressed by the combination of an object key and operation, which are object-specific rather than standardized across all objects. Instead they might jump from one thought to another and might go off topic here and there. That was a poor design decision, since it changed the semantics of Content-Type without changing its field name, resulting in confusion whenever older user agents encountered the extension. Many of the lessons described in this chapter were learned as a result of creating and testing various implementations of http within the Apache project, and subjecting the theories behind the protocol to the Apache Group's critical review. Control tables - that do not necessarily ever need to pass through a compiling phase - dictate appropriate algorithmic control flow via customized interpreters in similar fashion to bytecode interpreters. Upgrade The addition of the Upgrade header field in http/1.1 reduces the difficulty of deploying incompatible changes by allowing the client to advertise its willingness for a better protocol while communicating in an older protocol stream. These volunteers are known as the Apache Group.

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