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responsibility perceptions of stakeholders, who generate differentiation and add value to services. Because the latter bring money into countries and hence bolster national economies, they often enjoy greater access to doctors and medical resources than do the actual citizens of the country. When dealing with matters of health, waiting is not always an option. Another issue in medical tourism concerns the illegal trafficking of organs. People seek medical treatment abroad because: The costs of healthcare in developed nations have increased exceedingly. Examples of such procedures include stem-cell transplants and gender-reassignment operations. Social and ethical issues in medical tourism Inconsistency in quality of care is a major source of criticism for the medical tourism industry. Today, medical tourism is a growing industry and, like any other activity, is generating both impacts.

Shayon,.; Report: Nielsen Defines the Socially Conscious Consumer; Recuperado el 22 de Jul de 2013, de Brand Channel: andchannel. Popular destinations for medical tourism include. Firstly, in the medical tourism chain of service, stakeholders must be aware of the importance of being sustainable not only economically, but also environmentally and culturally.

Social impacts: Medical tourism has a positive social impact by allowing millions access to enhanced health services at affordable prices, thus improving their quality of life, and creating jobs, cultural enrichment and technological advances within the community. Countries with indigent or vulnerable populations frequently have introduction of a research paper about global warming a greater availability of organs for medical use, since members of these populations are often tempted to risk their health and give up an organ with the promise of monetary compensation. For example, Costa Rica experienced an influx of foreigners seeking cosmetic and dental surgery in the 1980s. History and growth of medical tourism. Accreditation attempts to ensure that medical tourism facilities meet basic safety standards, are staffed with trained personnel, and have appropriate medical equipment to perform the procedures offered. As a result, medical travel has created a social, cultural and economic phenomenon that generates positive and negative impacts in built-up areas, in natural areas and in communities. Social sustainability: Respect the socio-cultural authenticity of host communities, ensuring the preservation of cultural assets and traditional community values. The savings range between 30 and 80 of the cost that you would normally pay in the USA.

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