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and would rather be his wife than try to woo Olivia for him. Just then Sir Andrew and Sir Toby arrive, looking for a doctor because Sebastian wounded them. Sebastian decides to go to Orsino's court, and Antonio, who appears to be obsessed with Sebastian, decides to go with him, despite the fact that he and Orsino do not get along at all. Sir Toby conveys Sir Andrew's challenge to Viola, and tries to make Viola shrink from the confrontation by greatly exaggerating Sir Andrew's meanness and anger. The real Sebastian then appears and apologizes for having wounded the old men. Fabian are present; they hide behind a tree as Malvolio approaches, and Maria places the letter somewhere where he is certain to find. An anthology of essays that discuss Shakespeares comedies from various points of view. During all of this, the members of Olivia's household are playing an elaborate prank on her snooty steward, Malvolio. All these affairs are observed disapprovingly by Malvolio, Olivias ambitious, narrow-minded steward, who cannot tolerate jollity in those about him. They convince him to act crazily, and wear his garters crossed, and perform all sorts of other outlandish behavior by dropping a note that is supposedly written by Olivia. The party decides to try this out and see if it will work; Maria leaves to go to bed, and Sir Toby and Sir Andrew decide to drink the rest of the night away. Viola warns Olivia as best she can, telling Olivia that "I am not what I am though Olivia does not guess at the statement's real meaning (III.

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He is the force that threatens to destroy the celebration of all that is good and refined and joyful in Elizabethan society. Then, Olivia approaches them, still denying Orsino's love, while admitting her affection for Viola. Dent and Sons, 1982. Olivia, returns; Valentine was not allowed to speak directly to Olivia, but Olivia sent a message, via her handmaiden, that Olivia will continue to mourn her dead brother, and will neither allow Orsino to see her or to woo her. Paying particular attention to the fate of Malvolio and Antonio, discuss how Shakespeare brings some ambiguous touches to the happy ending.

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