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Fundraising Locations Looking to raise money? Campaign Wall, join the Conversation, sign in with your Facebook account or email. It is better to think of and communicate a couple of good reasons you would like to participate in the Perry Outreach program than to give a one sentence answer with your first thought. This is also the only place where you get a chance to let us know that you are a real human being beyond having a name and attending a high school. . It also does not differentiate you from applicants who really dont want to apply (and sadly, we do get those too). Can not thank you enough! A single run-on sentence as an answer is equally unimpressive. Adams says, Equity does not depend on our input-to-output ratio alone - it depends on our comparison between our ratio and the ratio of others(Adams.S. Unbelievable opportunity for young women wanting to experience real hands on opportunities in orthop. Even more impressive is if you include things you are going to do to achieve those goals.

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While that may be the immediate reason you would like to participate, it does not sound, to a second reader, as though you have given it much thought. . Again, see tip #2. . The Perry Outreach Program curriculum is well defined and has been continuously refined through a formal program evaluation process. (No, seriously, if you want to be a cat wrangler and think the Perry Program would help you achieve that dream, wed be interested to know how). This may sound obvious, but our admissions committee sees hundreds of applications each year with terrible spelling and grammatical errors that could easily have been prevented. . On page two of the application, you will be asked to answer the following questions: Essay Question #1: Why are you interested in participating in the Perry Outreach Program? You have reasons just like you have reasons you do not want to be something else like an astronaut or a cat wrangler or maybe you do want to do those things and still max weber disenchantment thesis statement think Perry can help tell us about that too!

Also, try to avoid using abbreviations for things that may be very familiar to you, but not familiar to someone else (AP and IB are commonly understood, but other specialized designations for classes you may attend are not). . Reference, vroom's Expectancy Theory of Employee Motivationn. This will help me achieve my long-term goal of being accepted to a top university to major in cat wrangling.