children future of india essay

language. India will make the best and utmost use of its power for self-defense and peaceful purposes. Relatively socio-economically advanced Indian states had a fertility rate of less than.1 in 2009 less than the level needed to maintain a stable population following infant mortality standards in developed nations. It would be an era of mass intelligence more high level. Global International Language: English language, as it stands today is not the language of a particular people or particular country; it has assumed a world-wide significance. Finally, even if India manages to feed its burgeoning population, its growth may not be ecologically sustainable.

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The Future of India is bright in the matter and manner of economic planning. He always told us that does not fight with other instead talk them politely if you really want to get change in something. For example, India has an installed energy capacity of little more than 200 gigawatts; China has more than 1000 gigawatts and aims to generate 600 gigawatts of clean electricity by 2020. The Indian culture has gained lots of popularity all over the world. There will be a mass awakening to give importance to family-planning and practice methods of birth control. He told us that every people on this earth are hungry for love, respect, care and honour; if you give them all, definitely they will follow you. It is a language, understood and spoken by more than half the population of the world. During the last ten years there has been a higher emphasis on the mother's going back to work and leaving their children with a nanny or at a daycare. And china with a GDP.97 trillion and india will also witness an economic growth of 8 by 2050. Culture of India indicates the ideas, beliefs, customs, and social behaviour of people in the society.