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Marketing MBA covers fundamental approaches of understanding markets, competitors, product portfolios and consumer behavior from an international perspective. Course-work will generally include studies of global economics, finance and strategic management. Core Courses CP 501 Counseling and Psychotherapeutic Theories and Techniques CP 534 Introduction to the Theories of the Depth Tradition CP 520 Human Growth and Development CP 532 Child Psychotherapy CP 526 Geropsychology and Long Term Care CP 608 A, B Career Development I,. Curricula usually cover introductory concepts in macro and micro economic theory before students delve into their given specialty.

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Courses in a masters degree program in information security combines training in the principles of othello and iago essay security with experiential learning in the practices employed to keep systems secure, such as: Information security theory, database security, secure software design, intrusion detection and response, encryption principles, and computer. Petroleum engineers are divided into several groups: petroleum geologists: who find hydrocarbons by analyzing subsurface structures with geological and geophysical methods; reservoir engineers: who work to optimize production of oil and gas via proper well placement, production levels and enhanced oil recovery techniques. Multi-disciplinary in scope, the program provides an ideal foundation for what todays experts in robotics and intelligent systems need to know from artificial intelligence, computer vision, control systems, dynamics, and machine learning to design, programming and prototyping of robotic systems. Recommendation that the student discontinues the program. The program draws on the strengths of three internationally recognized schools within the University: the School of Engineering and Applied Science, The Wharton School, and the School of Design. Requirements For Graduation, degree Requirements for Graduation, two comprehensive examinations and a masters thesis are to be completed in partial fulfillment of degree requirements. Students must attend at least two-thirds of each course. Although all economists work to monitor and analyze economic information, they may work in a variety of specialized fields at the professional level. Graduates may find employment at the entry level in a number of occupations. Much of the work in BME involves research and development. For a full description of all requirements, consult the current edition of the Pacifica Student Handbook. The salaries listed are averages at the starting salary, but the upside in all these fields are quite good.

Since mechanical engineering is the broadest of any engineering specialty, those who practice mechanical engineering can pursue careers in the biotechnology, automotive, nuclear energy and aerospace industries. A few possible career options are: design researcher, engineering services, and aerospace product and part manufacturing. Coursework generally includes learning practical, valuable skills in areas such as marketing, strategic management and information technology, which you can apply in any work setting. They use computer simulations to assist in the identification of risks and to make forecasts on reservoir potential.