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that she is deliberately dressed in boy clothes in particular a soccer Jersey and shorts. Film Techniques Mid shot Close up Long shot Zoom in Cut Point of view shot Full shot High angle Pan. Angles ul li In filming a shot a decision is made about the angle at which the camera is to be directed at a subject. She watches him on television and has posters of him hanging in her room. She pretends that she has a job to get time out of the house. Bend It Like Beckham Essay introduction. A shot is taken from when the camera is turned on, to when it is turned off. Montage ul li The editing together of a large number of shots with no intention to create a continuous reality. Jessie is from an Orthodox Sikh Indian family. A high angle is used the subject will appear weak, insignificant, vulnerable, small etc. Given its function, a long shot is often used at the beginning of a scene or sequence, and may be combined with a panning movement of the camera to show us a wider area.

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This is to communicate to us the audience that she loves soccer. She dreams of being a famous soccer player one day and of playing soccer professionally like her idol David Beckham. Has the whole height of any figure in the frame. Our impression of a structure or object can be manipulated in a similar way. Close ups of objects may serve as the in point to a new scene, essays on interpersonal communication in veterans relations depicting a new fact or location in the story.

And Low angles may be used to influence our impression of a particular character. The character is seen from waist. Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Camera is directly under the figure- can suggest extreme power or danger.