hazards of pollution essay

responsible for a 60 reduction in 1980's oceanic oil pollution. Pollution is the big side effect of the industrialized societies of the modern world where industrial development and green house effect have adversely affected the ecosystem. Our environment acts as a natural world for us and provides a protection to us from the natural calamities.

hazards of pollution essay

This can be done by the administrative and voluntary organizations by showing films and clips of pollution and health hazards caused.
Pollution is a health hazard that can cause detrimental effects to the natural environment we live.
It occurs in different forms like: Air pollution (atmospheric).
This form of pollution mainly comes as a result of human activities like, uncontrolled waste disposal and industrialization.

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Water pollution, water pollution is the most dangerous form of pollution. However, it was much better that if we give it nothing but we give it pollution and contamination regularly. Pollution is a health hazard that can cause detrimental effects to the natural environment orbital debris essays we live. Parents should know about the types, causes and prevention measures of the pollution in order to help their kids. Possible harmful Effects of oceanic oil pollution are dangers to animals, contamination, and the rare possibilty of water ignition, as in the Cuyahoga river incident. The pollutants can be poisonous gases, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, noise, organic compounds and radioactive materials. Most of the air pollution is carried out by the public transportation on daily basis. Pollution Essay 5 (200 words).

Hazards of pollution essay
hazards of pollution essay

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