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a vast nocturnal exodus that would carry them over the mountains to the Honduran. I appreciate Card's prescience about the 'Nets' and blogging before it was around, but come on, this is pushing it a bit too far. By the fall of 1981, the Atlacatl was well on its way to building that mountain. If that spending time is actually affecting their live and causing them to do or exclude other things, thats an issue. "We just had to wait for his personal psychology to play itself out." Late in the afternoon, Jon Lee Anderson sat down to interview the Colonel.

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"Monterrosa was obsessed with war trophies. Why such vitriol for the book? But, if we'd wanted to go any further with it, it would have taken a decision to expend a tremendous amount of effort." No such decision was ever made. And so the sun rose on the people of El Mozote that Friday. Decapitation is tiring work, and slow, and more than a hundred men were crammed into that small building. On January 27, Raymond Bonner of the New York Times and Alma Guillermoprieto of the Washington Post simultaneously reported on a visit to rebel territory, repeating interviews in which they were told that hundreds of civilians were killed in the village of Mozote in December. This time, however, the guerrillas' response would be somewhat different. "But farther down, there were no lists. His book, Enders Game, is a subtle study of many of these issues. . They fired into the bushes, but none of their bullets hit." Lying amid the maguey that night, Rufina Amaya heard the chorus of screams dwindle to a few voices, and those grew weaker and weaker and finally ceased.