rhetorical analysis essay gay marriage

remain strongly in favor of traditional marriage. Although they can create children starting a family is their choice. To sum it up, the world is accustomed t the tradition which is why its so difficult for people to accept homosexuals. Mobilizing the social construction of marriage as about love, the commercial then defines same-sex relationships as about love.

It says that America follows and sticks to their word. Recently, both sides in the debate have scored important victories. Ses 5iaros in the sense that its reease "ate as on! In other states, including more socially liberal jurisdictions such as New York, Washington state and Maryland, high courts have rejected the argument that gay marriage is a constitutional right. The spark that started the debate occurred in Hawaii in 1993, when the Hawaii Supreme Court ruled that an existing law banning same-sex marriage would be unconstitutional unless the state government could show that it had a compelling reason for discriminating against gay and lesbian. This helps prove that gay marriage doesnt affect other people, or other things that happen in the world. The following year, the legislature approved a bill granting gay and lesbian couples the right to form civil unions, which grant most of the legal rights of marriage but not the title. To some people its what we live for; is to get married and start a family. Everyone has the right to marry whomever he or she loves. The only problem with American culture is that they tend to reject Continue Reading Essay about Gay Marriage 770 Words 4 Pages analyze three different aspects relevant to this very controversial subject matter: Marriage as it exists as a religious institution, marriage as a contractual.