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evaluations, not organizations. For example, evaluation research can include assessing the fidelity of program implementation, illuminating variations in program processes, searching for unanticipated consequences, and measuring actual needs in relation to immediate outcomes and long-term impacts.

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Wanting to help is not the same as knowing how to help; likewise, having the money to help is not the same as knowing how to spend money in a helpful way. Demand for better evaluations also accompanied the growing realization that, in years after the 1954 Supreme Court Brown decision requiring racial integration of schools, separate and unequal was still the norm rather than the exception. Within Our Reach: Breaking the Cycle of Disadvantage. Evaluation essay topics should not be limited to the review of classic novels and movies. Empowerment Evaluation Principles in Practice. Program evaluation is undertaken to inform decisions, clarify options, identify improvements, and provide information about programs and policies within contextual boundaries of time, place, values, and politics. Thus, organizational sociologists and evaluation researchers find the purposive image helpful but still elusive. The formative evaluator looks for unexpected consequences and possible side effects. Passage of the.S. The use of evaluation research can be viewed as a special application of the sociology of knowledge.

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