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to be attended to day and night by the expedition's physician and his son Kermit. He succeeded in getting the aggressors to agree to arbitration by a tribunal at The Hague, and averted the Venezuela Crisis. Black delegates from the South played a key role: they voted heavily for Taft and put him over the top. Retrieved October 5, 2010., Original Handwritten and Typed Letters, Notes, and Documents, Shapell Manuscript Foundation. Two days after giving birth, Roosevelt's wife died due to an undiagnosed case of kidney failure (called Bright's disease at the time which had been masked by the pregnancy.

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In the late 1890s, Roosevelt had been an ardent imperialist, and he vigorously defended the permanent acquisition of the Philippines in the 1900 election campaign. New York Governor Charles Evans Hughes loomed as potentially strong candidate and shared Roosevelt's progressivism, but Roosevelt disliked him and considered him to be too independent. 61 The couple had five children: Theodore "Ted" III in 1887, Kermit in 1889, Ethel in 1891, Archibald in 1894, and Quentin in 1897. President to eat dinner with an African American in the White House. After the death of his wife and mother in 1884, Roosevelt left politics. 1 References Hart, Albert.; Ferleger, Herbert R (1989).

He was cautiously optimistic about the proposed League of Nations, but had reservations about its impact on United States sovereignty. While at Harvard, Roosevelt participated in rowing and boxing ; he was once runner-up in a Harvard boxing tournament. Tilchin, William N (1997 Theodore Roosevelt and the British Empire: A Study in Presidential Statecraft Tilchin, William N; Neu, Charles E, eds. 228 Schrank was immediately disarmed, captured and might have been lynched had Roosevelt not shouted for Schrank to remain unharmed. Chessman argues that Roosevelt's program "rested firmly upon the concept of the square deal by a neutral state".

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