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who wish to be considered for a Johnson Scholarshipor any merit-based awardmust submit a complete admission application and the separate Johnson Scholarship application no later than December. Did you organize a team of volunteers to help Hurricane Harvey victims? For twelve of the last fourteen years, W L teams won the odac critical essay on the tell tale heart Commissioners Cup for the best all-around athletic program. Introduction, on a crisp fall afternoon in Virginia, students walk up the grassy slope to Washington and Lees colonnade, rows of white columns that define the face of the campuss red brick buildings.

Financial Aid, washington and Lee uses student tuition dollars as efficiently and fairly as any university in the country. Thus, for each essay, consider the following: Essay 1: How did you earn the responsibility, and what did you do to live up to the hype, change the circumstances of the team, help your team members, or fulfill your vision? Washington and Lee believes that the high school record is the surest sign of a students potential for success in college.

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In an age when many college students need five years to earn a degree, the vast majority of W L students find both adequate advisement and access to the classes they need in order to graduate in four years. In your opinion, what should W L be most mindful about in preparing you for the future? Once youre done with your personal statement, youll move on to the supplement. The CSS Profile may be found online. It would be to your advantage to do some research on W Ls specific academic departments if you plan to follow this route; dont be afraid to name drop lab projects that youve researched to show your interest in this particular school. When free and equal people with different backgrounds and perspectives come together, disagreement is inevitable. As these students cross Washington and Lee Universitys picturesque campus, they see its balance of the old and the newtraditions and changes. The system is built upon trust; it holds that students who lie, cheat, or steal are not trustworthy and, therefore, not welcome in the Washington and Lee community. This topic is broader than the other prompts. Part A is, what kind of course would you propose?