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G, Waddoup D, Weihmann F, Hoetzl. The mean age and standard deviation of beekeepers are given in Table. Strange, Lionel Garnery, Walter. This aggression trait can be manipulated and utilized for the continents advantage 18 through selective breeding. 2015; 11(4 e1004816 doi:.1371/journal. Materials and Methods.1.

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2016; 11(9 e0162347 doi:.1371/journal. There are three types of hives in use (traditional, transitional, and Dadant hives) in the study area. Though the color, size, and distribution of some races in the country are documented, their performance was not well studied so far. However, harvesting technique is still very traditional. Received 4 November 2016; Revised 23 February 2017; Accepted ; Published Copyright 2017 Tessema Aynalem Abejew and Zeleke Mekuriaw Zeleke.

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