essay on extracurricular activities mba

only three years of work experience. What sorts of activities did you plan and execute with the kids? He was admitted to Yale with scholarship. And thats how change happens. If you dont have much (or any) extracurriculars to write about, then is it better to start an activity, pick up a new hobby, or resume participation in a past activity or hobby just before applying to b-school so that you have something to write? Youve now given the Admissions Committee, the flavor theyre seeking in the dish youve put in front of them that aroma thats stimulating their olfactory nerve, that elusive taste that draws them closer and closer to what you really want them to see.

How important are extracurricular activities for, mBA

essay on extracurricular activities mba

Or do you think these are chores that need to be done because theyve been imposed on you by the CSR arm of your employer, and that somehow youll be evaluated on your contributions there as well? It is true that business schools evaluate candidates for their academic excellence, professional experience, leadership roles, and career progression. For example, one of my students used his vacation time to contribute to his home town Port-au-Princes reconstruction and stabilization efforts, following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.

Explore our MBA Admissions Services here. My answer: You should start now! Think beyond run-of-the-mill examples to other things youve done like all those winter breaks you spent running a camp for your autistic little brother and two other kids from the neighborhood, or that summer you traveled to India to help run a vaccination clinic. If you have absolutely no extracurricular activity or interest, its not too late to get started now. Here are five reasons why:. See #1 in the first list. How does it impact a candidates chances? Your involvement in community work shows that you are passionate about helping other human beings in distress or need. One of my students launched a volunteer teaching program at a local teaching academy and taught under privileged students, thus making a difference in the lives of hundreds of students. What else can you do to boost your competitiveness and submit an application that will get you accepted? Theyre never the deciding factor, but think of them as the distinct flavor, that ingredient that adds character and a unique smell/taste to the dish thats being prepared the winning application. It doesnt matter which friend of yours is doing what kind of activity as long as youre loving doing what youre doing.

Is it better to not mention any extracurriculars and hope that the adcoms just dont notice, rather than highlight the fact that you have just a few, or none at all, worth mentioning? In short, someone who is going to leave an imprint thats as unique as her during the two years at business school, someone who is going to leave a legacy at the school as a harbinger of the career and multiple roles shes about. And if you do believe in it, how are you ensuring you dont end up like Jack? ECs can be your distinguishing factor: Your extra-curricular activities/ community work can distinguish you from other candidate with exactly similar profile.

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