essay on tebhaga movement

out to nineteen districts of Bengal. They called in police and caused many of the tebhaga activists arrested and jailed. First, they demanded that the half-sharing system was unjust and unjustified. Traditionally, sharecroppers used to hold their tenancy on fifty-fifty basis of the share of the produce.

Under their leadership the barga (sharecropping) peasants were mobilised against the landlord class. During the winter or aman harvest of 1946, sharecroppers of some north and northeastern districts of Bengal and their supporters had gone to fields and cut down crops and thrashed them on their own khalan (harvest processing field). The Partition of Bengal and the promises of the new government led to the suspension of the movement. In those times, share croppers and landowners used to get fifty-fifty of the produce. Failure: The Tebhaga Peasant Movement failed on account of various reasons. The tebhaga struggle was successful in so far as it has been estimated that about 40 of the sharecropping peasants got tebhaga right granted willingly by the landholders.

The slogan for reduction of rent rate was also raised by the peasants supporting the tebhaga struggle. In November, during harvest time the sharecroppers took paddy to their own threshing floor with the slogan of take paddy to own granary. As a response to the agitation, the. The tebhaga movement was most war of 1812 essay prompt successful in the districts of Jessore, Dinajpur and Jalpaiguri. The Tebhaga Movement : Politics of Peasant Protest in Bengal. Causes of the Tebhaga Peasant Movement: The Flood Commission recommended for two-third of the crop, instead of half, for the sharecroppers. Firstly, the share croppers demanded that the fifty-fifty sharing system was unjust. The, tebhaga movement was significant peasant agitation, initiated. The resisting tenants rather added a new slogan to their agenda: the total abolition of zamindari system. Tebhaga means three shares of harvests. The tebhaga rights were extensively established in Midnapur and 24-Parganas. The share croppers used to put all their investment and hard work, whereas the landowners had very little contribution in the production process.

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