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(SEC) offers grants of US 500 for students (per project) and US 300 for. This includes computer-based systems ranging from individual software applications, information systems, embedded systems, software product lines and product families and systems-of-systems; general systems as defined in ISO/IEC 15288, Systems and software engineering Systems life cycle processes ; and software products and services as defined. Principle (I) deserves a bit more discussion. Updated the ieee 1471 bibliography (now version.2 added a page about the conceptual framework (or "frame of reference" or "metamodel of the Standard. So, what is an architecture? It can be used to develop architecture descriptions for any kind of system or enterprise, as conceived by users of the Standard. Updated ieee 1471 bibliography. An architecture view is a collection of models representing the architecture of the whole system relative to a set of architectural concerns. Ieee press release 9 WG42 meets in Lima Peru, at the ISO/IEC JTC1/SC7 Interim meeting to complete resolution of comments from previous draft (WD4). If not, why not? The original ieee 1471 specified requirements on the contents of architecture descriptions of systems.

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Added page on "Applying the standard". The scope of the original ieee 1471 was software-intensive systems. Updated ISO/IEC/ieee 42010 bibliography. Does the Standard require a particular ADL? Because there is a broad consensus that having a good architecture is critical to the success of a system or enterprise. The two concepts are different; both are important. If you are a first time visitor, you may want to start with the. Annexes B and C of the Standard provide some example definitions of viewpoints. What do you mean by "context"? Templates for architecture descriptions and for architecture viewpoints are available to help users conform to the Standard. The newest draft, ISO/IEC WD4 42010 ( ieee P42010/D6 will be balloted in parallel by ISO and ieee. P42010 was approved as a revised standard by the ieee-SA Standards Board on This standard replaces ieee 1471:2000.