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the face of competitors, not only from within the United States but from any and every region of today's global economy. As leaders of complex, dynamic organizations, successful higher education CEOs make peace with this reality. During my campus visits, I observed numerous chief executives use quips or humorous anecdotes - often self-deprecating - to lend much needed or appreciated levity to circumstances. There is no off-season or respite from the need to perform at one's peak. While these insights should come as no surprise to anyone who has spent much time around a postsecondary chief executive, a number of the CEOs I met with spoke openly about having underestimated how taxing their roles would be prior to undertaking them. And in the business world, every day is the Super Bowl.

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People like to be treated with respect. During the course of my interactions with CEOs, I was impressed with how cognizant and candid they are about their shortcomings - and reminded how essential self-awareness and openness are to a leaders capacity to mitigate her or his weaknesses (e.g., through targeted professional growth. Setting the strategic vision of the company is a prime example wherein a CEO can be solely responsible for leading a company to glory or unleashing a catastrophe. Over the last few months we have been examining the reasons behind the successes and failures of some great CEO practitioners.

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In 2003 the average pay for CEOs at 200 of the largest.S. And I mean treating with respect everyone, from the CFO to the secretary down at the logistics department. A CEO is usually viewed as the top person in the company that requires respect from everyone and does not owe respect to anyone. A master in accounting, accounting has been described as the language of business and every successful CEO knows how important it is for successful business leadership. It is on such decisions that a company's success is made-and lives of cancer patients may depend. Those with prior political experience (e.g., had held office or worked in government relations) generally reported greater comfort levels in providing financial support to candidates or engaging in similar activities, whereas CEOs without such backgrounds commonly cited the need to remain neutral because of the. Of course, the attributes detailed in this essay arent representative of all of the higher education chief executives I spent time with over the course of my fellowship. Anyone whos held a leadership role has found her- or himself having to make a decision without all the information s/he would like. The successful CEOs knows, though, that only by respecting each one of your staff members you can motivate, lead and gain loyalty. Not surprisingly, nearly every one of the chief executives I spent time with readily acknowledged her or his good fortune to hold such a role. A good CEO would never hide.