what is a parallel thesis statement parallel to

must have parallel structure Looks like this: Shane, and Shane Presentation transcript: 2, parallelism Formatting Your Thesis Statement 3, parallel Structure Items listed in a series must have parallel structure. It makes language appear refined, especially in writing and advertising. When you have items on a list following a colon, the items should all be in the same form in order to avoid a parallel structure error. Be consistent and use parallel structure with words that end in -ing.

Each parallel sentence follows a basic pattern, starting with pronouns and ending with nouns and adverbs, except the first line, which ends with an adjective. Correct: Yesterday we watched a movie, played video games and made pizza. Correct: Dogs are great pets for the following reasons: they are loyal, they are loving, and they are obedient. The parallel structures in this short poem give it a little waltz and jingle feel. It is similar to parallelism. . Incorrect: Yesterday we watched a movie, play video games and made pizza. Some examples of parallel structure of words that end in -ing: Correct: Joe likes running, walking and being active.

Correct: My parents said get a good education and do not settle for less. Correct: I will not sing a song, nor will I dance. Examples of Parallel Structure in Literature. Parallel structure should be used when writing clauses. Correct: Either she likes to see him or she doesn't like to see him. E manager wanted staff who arrived on time, smiled at the customers, and didnt snack on the chicken nuggets. 6, the problem looks like this: Shane ate the pizza, wiped his lips, and burping with contentment. It was Sally Baldwin who brought me along, told me what to wear and do and think and say. Locate your partners thesis statement.

what is a parallel thesis statement parallel to

The use of ing in the word swimming does not ma tch the other verb forms in the sentence. Below is another example of parallel structure. Parallelism is a literary device in which parts of the sentence ar e grammatically the same, or are similar. One common form is called antithesis, which is when two opposing ideas are put together in a parallel construction.

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