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rhetorical vision of immigration (that is, the acceptance of large numbers of foreigners in a relatively short period of time) and immigrants (individuals and groups who immigrated to the United States) as sources of instability and change in America. Results of the additional two methods included common sense data. Chapter 6 contains the results, and Chapter 7 concludes the study. Ryan Hoover (2009) Rhetorical agency, social structures, and power relations in the National Science Foundation's grant application process Koerber (chair Baake, Zdenek Technical communication scholars have for several decades sought to understand the means by which an individual's society impacts the ways the individual communicates. Through a qualitative analysis of the experiences of 19 individuals who participated in the application process in a variety of roles, the dissertation explores both how they communicated and why. It also focuses directly on the effects of digitized communication and the impact of the Internet community on interpretations of the concepts of 'authorship 'ownership and 'property.' The study reveals that the ideological differences between the communities of rhetoric and technical communication and the Internet. Visuals are ubiquitous in our society and it is imperative that we understand the power of visuals and how they are used to teach concepts that will affect lives.

This focus on mobile place-based media, also known as net locality, in turn, potentially could be a grounding and generative force for an industry in transition. Tim Hadley (2007) The effect of direct, in-class grammar instruction on the quality of student writing Rickly (chair Carter, Kemp The study behind this dissertation examines the difference in the quality of writing between two groups of students in freshman English classes at a large. Simultaneously, however, each of these factors is impacting one another, creating a delicate balancing act wherein co-identity is maintained. Chapter Four discusses the evidence of influence such as Greek thinkers' visits to India, easy accessibility to Indian concepts in Greece and in Persia, and the ancient routes of communication between India and Greece.

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In fact, both designs seem to have their advantages, depending on the human activities causing global warming essay course's literacy goals, students' needs, and institutional constraints, such as class size and instructional load. Unlike a task-based analysis, the goal-driven analysis methodology revolves around uncovering the users' goals, the information needed to achieve those goals, and the contextual relationships between information elements. This gap is increasingly important as the number of small businesses in the United States continues to rise. To test these hypotheses, 42 student users participated in usability testing: 21 users tested a PDF syllabus and 21 users tested the web-designed syllabus. Lori Hughes (2009) Tutoring technical documents in the writing center: Implications for tutor training and practices Baake (chair Kemp, Rickly This work examines tutor training and practices for working with students who bring technical documents to the writing center. Editors asked questions, gave explications, or explained their editing actions to authors less frequently. Instead, the information is many times noted in a news release, then only reviewed as the addressee responds or another event occurs that implementation of the recommended action could have prevented. The flexibility within the bylaws allows active lepc subcommittees to assume duties that other subcommittees are dropping. In survey answers, most instructors indicated that their expectation of student participation was important, and this matched their belief that students actually participated. Heidi Everett (2015) Is good enough good enough: (Re)defining amateurism in credibility judgments on the web Baehr (chair Cargile Cook, Carter Web credibility research to date largely has focused on Websites containing inherent involvement risk or Websites of bigger organizations that have resources for Website. This dissertation provides a close analysis of an experimental interclass, one of the first of its kind in English, that took place in Spring 1993, linking graduate English classes at Texas Tech University, San Francisco State University, and the University of Texas at Austin.

Their rhetorical agency is seen to be highly dependent, not just on the nature of the structures surrounding the application process, but on the nature of the individual's pre-existing "sense of the game" and the kairos of the communication. Each theoretical realm gives understanding to the motivations behind the frames. Using IBM's Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (spss) statistical analysis software, simultaneous logistic regression models were conducted for the survey data. I was also able to propose a definitive and global definition for "cybercommunity" and to present new theories that other researchers can use to apply to and to compare with their findings of similar medically focused cyberspaces. The research includes quantitative data, like time to begin and complete tasks, and qualitative data, like open-ended interview responses and observations of users completing tasks. This dissertation found that an assemblage approach can provide usability practitioners a means to better understand and address complex problems while using current task-centered testing methods and adding little to no cost in time, materials, or money.